Climate Change


Woodland’s technology results in:

  • Up to 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions vs. gasoline
  • No toxic residues
  • Direct replacement for fossil fuels
  • CO2 emission reduction credits

In most parts of the industrialized world the transport sector is the single largest source of GHG emissions.  Woodland delivers a paradigm-changing technology to this sector – reducing GHG emissions by up to 92%.

The Woodland conversion system operates as a closed-loop process, with no emissions that could cause environmental damage. The closed-loop engineering results in almost no waste or by-product - a key reason behind our high yield and low cost of production.

Greenhouse Gas

Up to 92% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Is delivered by Woodland's technology versus gasoline


Powering 1.6 million cars

A single commercial Woodland plant can produce enough ethanol to power them all

C02 Emissions

327,000 tonnes less CO2 into atmosphere

Compared to gasoline, based on the ethanol produced by a single Woodland commercial plant